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The Israel Society for Gender and Sex Conscious Medicine

We are happy to announce a name change of our society, which until recently went under the name Israel Society for Gender Medicine. Recognizing that we are not only interested in the social construct of gender but also in the biological differences between the sexes and that we  wish to promote the awareness about these differences, we have  changed our name accordingly, being the first professional society to do so. The new name of our society is therefore:

The  Israel Society for Gender-and Sex Conscious Medicine (IsraGem).


Yet, we will still often use the term  Gender Medicine for the sake of brevity.

A brief history of IsraGem: In June 2008, an interest group for Gender Medicine was formed at the Rabin Medical Center in Israel by 27 chairs and vice chairs of different medical disciplines. This lead to the foundation of the  Israel Society for Gender Medicine (IsraGeM) in February 2009 at the Rabin Medical center. The  inauguration congress attracted more than 350 participants from most Israeli hospitals and most medical disciplines. The new society elected an executive board, which is currently presided by Prof. Marek Glezerman-ObGyn; Current board members are Ms. Orit Barak-Registered Nurse; Dr. Pnina Dorfman-Etrog –Psychiatrist, Prof. Dov Feldberg-ObGyn (Secretary), Prof Ilan Krause- Internist and  Dr. Heschi Rotmensch –Internist (Treasurer). IsraGeM has currently over 130 active members who represent 16 medical disciplines from 11 Universities and medical centers in Israel. Within the past years, members of  IsraGeM have initiated dozens of research projects. IsraGem has been instrumental in including Gender Medicine in the curriculum for medical students and in  the Post Graduate School of Tel Aviv University. Since 2009 ISRAGEM in close cooperation with Rabin Medical Center has organized 6 congresses dedicated to various aspects of Gender Medicine and in 2010 IsraGeM has proudly hosted the 5th International Congress on Gender Medicine in Tel Aviv. IsraGeM was also instrumental in the foundation of the first Israeli Research Center for Gender Medicine at the Rabin Medical Center and in the introduction of Gender Medicine into the core curriculum at the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University.

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