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We are happy to announce a name change of our society, which until recently went under the name Israel Society for Gender Medicine. Recognizing that the we are not only interested in the social construct of gender but also in the biological differences between the sexes and that we  wish to promote the awareness about these differences, we have  changed our name accordingly, being the first professional society to do so. Yet, we will still often use the term  Gender Medicine for the sake of brevity.
Our mission is to promote the study of gender and biological differences between females and males in science, research and public health. This is based on the insight that women may present with other medical complaints than men, may react differently on medical therapy, and cope differently with diseases. Therefore, the society aims to:


1. advance the understanding of sex/gender differences by bringing together scientists and clinicians of diverse backgrounds.

2. implement gender in the medical curriculum, prepare and allocate gender-specific learning materials, curricula and gender trainings for instructors.

3. promote gender-specific public health issues such as information for persons, institutions and organizations in the area of gender medicine.

4. facilitate interdisciplinary research on sex/gender differences in basic and clinical frameworks.

5. encourage the application of new knowledge of sex/gender differences to improve health and health care.

6. cooperate with other national and international societies of gender medicine and similar scientific organizations.

7. encourage and support international cooperation, collaboration and education among professionals working in the field sex/gender specific medicine.

8. organize national and international meetings and congresses on relevant topics.



A short history of ISRAGEM:
In June 2008, 21 chairpersons and unit directors of different medical disciplines at the Rabin Medical Center in Israel decided to form an interest group for gender medicine. The most amazing and exciting feature of this interest group was that it included representatives from a cross-section of 14 different medical disciplines.
The group expanded rapidly and after a few months representatives of 11 hospitals and universities throughout Israel joined the group. Almost immediately dozens of retrospective and prospective research projects were initiated, many of which have been published subsequently. This led to the founding of the Israel Society for Gender Medicine at an inauguration congress in February 2009 that attracted more than 350 participants from most Israeli hospitals and a wide range of medical specialties. Eight years after its foundation, we have  126 active members representing 16 medical disciplines at 11 universities and medical centers.


The Executive Board of ISRAGEM reflects the truly interdisciplinary character of our new society.



ISRAGEM introduced in 2009 gender medicine in the  postgraduate program of Tel Aviv University and established a course for sixth-year medical students. Today Gender Medicine is an integral part of the core curriculum for  medical students.
In 2012, the first Israeli Research Center for Gender Medicine was inaugurated at The Rabin Medical Center.


In 2013 we initiated the first independent and multidisciplinary Postgraduate Course for Gender Medicine at Tel Aviv University.



In 2013/2014 we have been broadcasting a Post Graduate Course on Gender Medicine on the Israeli radio. The course has been given in Hebrew and the lectures can be downloaded here...

In the past eight years ISRAGEM organized six national meetings on Gender aspects  in  Cardiology, Nutrition,  medications, Psychiatry/ Psychology, pain and obesity. Our forthcoming National Meeting is dedicated to The Biological Clock and will take place on June 18, 2018. ISRAGEM proudly hosted  the 5th International Congress in Israel and actively supported  the following three international congresses in Baltimore (2012), Berlin (2015) and in Sendai, Japan (2017).
We have concluded a one-year course in Gender Medicine at Rabin Medical Center and a Post-Graduate course at the Medicine Library at Tel Aviv University.
We are very pleased that the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University  has devoted the recent prestigious series of the Dean's Lectures to Gender and Sex-Conscious  Medicine. This development is extremely important since by taking this action, Tel Aviv University joins leading academic centers in the world who place Gender Medicine at a prominent spot  of their teaching activities.



Our Facebook page has now over 2,800 followers!


To achieve all these milestones in such a short period suggests that the time was ripe for a shift in paradigms and the acceptance of our  new science. There is no doubt in my mind that we will continue to witness similar developments and the inception of more national societies for gender medicine around the world. We all need to assist these efforts to the best of our ability.

Marek Glezerman, MD
Professor Emeritus of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Head of Gender Medicine, Tel Aviv University
Founding President of The Israel Society for Gender and Sex Conscious  Medicine
Immediate Past - President, The International Society for Gender Medicine
Director, Research Center  for Gender Medicine,  Rabin Medical Center , Petah Tikva, Israel

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