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החברה הבינלאומית ISOGEM

החברה הבינלאומית לרפואה מגדרית נוסדה באמצע שנת 2006, החברה מונה כיום  כ-  720 חברים. שבחלקם הגדול מאוגדים בחברות לאומיות.


אודות חברות אלה ראו כאן:



In  February 2007 the Austrian Society of Gender-Specific Medicine - an interdisciplinary academic society -  was founded in Vienna, Austria. Members of the executive board are Professor Alexandra Kautzky-Willer, MD (President), Andjela Bäwert, MD (Vice President), Jürgen Harreiter, MD MSc (Treasurer), Professor Margarethe Hochleitner, MD (Vice Treasurer), Harun Fajkovic, MD (Secretary), Professor Anita Holzinger, MD MPH (Vice Secretary). Marianne Legato and the President of the Parliament in Austria Barabara Prammer are Honorary Presidents of this society. Since 2008 the ÖGGSM organizes scientific meetings and congresses. In April 2010 the ÖGGSM has organized the international symposium "Global health and gender" in cooperation with the Non-govermental organisations of the UN, which will introduce gender medicine on the level of the UN.



Founded in 2009 as a an extension of the Italian Society of Gender Health and Medicine- Società Italiana per la Salute e la Medicina di Genere  (Bylaws ex Art 3)  the National Research Center for Gender Health and Medicine is a not-for-profit association including basic and clinical scientists, the University Hospital of Padua (founder), and the Giovanni Lorenzini Medical Science Foundation (founder, Milan-Houston). It was established to investigate the ways in which sex and gender impact on normal human functions and diseases, patient-physician relationships, health organizations, and health policies. The mission of the Center is to develop information, education, clinical research, networking, applications in medical practice, and communication to reduce inequalities between genders in the management of common diseases.
The Center, through studies, trials, meetings, courses, workshops, congresses, and various means of communication, brings together and reviews consolidated and advanced knowledge on gender medicine, supporting and facilitating the activities of multidisciplinary work teams. The Center collaborates with international, national, and regional institutions in projects on gender medicine.
Current members of the Executive Committee are: Giovannella Baggio (Padua) (President), Emanuela Folco (Milan), Annarosa Floreani (Padua), Elena Ortona (Rome), Marina Ziche (Siena), Angela Ianni Palarchio (Turin), Andrea Cignarella (Padua).




The Italian Women Health Studies Institute  was organized  in the march of 2009 as an extension of the Health Women Association, HWA,(Associazione Salute Donna) (Bylaws Art 2A- l).
The HWA is a scientific non profit association finalised to improve information, education, clinical research, networking, prevention and promotion, practical experience in the field of gender medicine and Women's Health.


Founded in the Fall of 2006 as a continuation of The Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine at Columbia University, The Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine, Inc. is a non-profit collaboration between scientists throughout the world and the private sector established to investigate the ways in which  biological sex and gender impact normal human function and the experience of disease. We have devoted ten years to the establishment of the new science we have called gender-specific medicine;  it is now clear that there are stunningly important and unexpectedly abundant differences in every system of the body between men and women.

The Foundation supports original scientific research protocols that investigate the impact of biological sex and gender on either normal human function or the experience of disease.

We are assembling a critical mass of gender-specific information to generate in all the subspecialties of medicine an evidence-based set of protocols to guide physicians on how to practice optimal gender specific treatment of the patient.


The German Society for Gender Medicine was founded in 2007 and quickly increased the number of members, now about 70. The society aims at the promotion of gender aspects in all medical fields and the communication of these aspects to the medical community and the German society. It is led by Vera Regitz-Zagrosek, Astrid Bühren, Honorary President of German Medical Women Association and Natascha Hess, cardiologist in Berlin.


The Japanese Association for Gender-Specific Medicine is presided by Prof. Hiroaki Shimokawa, past president is Prof. Keiko Amano. 


In June 2008, an interest group for Gender Medicine was formed at the Rabin Medical Center in Israel by 27 chairs and vice chairs of different medical disciplines. This lead to the foundation of the  Israel Society for Gender Medicine (IsraGeM) in February 2009 at an inauguration congress which attracted more than 350 participants from most Israeli hospitals and most medical disciplines. The new society elected an executive board, which is currently presided by Prof. Marek Glezerman-ObGyn; Current board members are Ms. Orit Barak-Registered Nurse; Dr. Pnina Dorfman-Etrog –Psychiatrist, Prof. Dov Feldberg-ObGyn (Secretary), Prof Ilan Krause- Internist and  Dr. Heschi Rotmensch –Internist (Treasurer). IsraGeM has currently over 120 active members who represent 16 medical disciplines from 11 Universities and medical centers in Israel. Within the past years, members of  IsraGeM have initiated dozens of research projects. IsraGem has been instrumental in including Gender Medicine in the curriculum for medical students and in  the Post Graduate School of Tel Aviv University. Since 2009 ISRAGEM in close cooperation with Rabin Medical Center has organized 6 annual congresses dedicated to various aspects of Gender Medicine and in 2010 IsraGeM has proudly hosted the 5th International Congress on Gender Medicine in Tel Aviv. IsraGeM was also instrumental in the foundation of the first Israeli Research Center for Gender Medicine at the Rabin Medical Center and in the introduction of Gender Medicine into the core curriculum at the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University.


The Swedish National Society is organised from  the Center for Gender Medicine at Karolinska Institutet (KI)  by Prof. Karin Schenck-Gustafsson. KI is one of the 6 European universities participating in the EUGIM Summerschool program “ Master in Gender Medicine”. We offer a national web- course in gender medicine according to the Bologna principles and a yearly national PhD-course and 2  national congresses. Ten national gender medicine seminars are  organised every year and  an international Handbook of  Gender Medicine has been published in 2013. Close collaboration is ongoing with the NGO 1.6 million club, with 38.000 participants in Sweden working for gender issues in health also in, Norway, Germany, and Russia.

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