Final conference Roadmap for a gender-sensitive approach to health care research and practice in Europe

We are now preparing for the final conference of our EUGenMed project which will be held in Brussels on the 30th of June, 2015. After more than a year of intense and productive interaction with many diverse stakeholders in health care practice and policy, which have generously provided their expertise in four thematic workshops, we are now ready to present the products of our work.

At the final conference we will introduce our “Roadmap for a gender-sensitive approach to health care research and practice in Europe”. We will present our vision for the inclusion of sex and gender at all levels of the health care process and define concrete steps for the translation of this vision into practice.

Working our way through the health care continuum - from the detection of relevant symptoms to their investigation, followed by the development of possible solutions and, finally, their implementation into everyday practice, we will highlight the priorities and equip you with some of the tools to tackle them.

With our stakeholders and experts, we have produced a portfolio of products tailored for different audiences. From policy briefs to expert papers, from guideline materials to best-practice reviews, from slide sets to implementation grids, we have aimed at serving all different actors within the health arena.

The Roadmap will be published on the EUGenMed website after the final conference.

תאריך 30/06/2015
מיקום Brüssel
מארגן האירוע Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin
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